WORLD GONE MAD Photos / 2003

These photo's from Chuck's Steak House on 10/11/03

Live Photo's courtesy of Darla Huskey

~ Ivan Rock

~ John Fisher (happy ? )

~ Guy Bechter and Tim Zuver at Sherlock's

~ Todd "Live at Chuck's"

~ John's Aura

~ Todd Singing !

~ Todd and Tim Zuver "Down with the Sickness"

~ Todd and Tim Zuver "A Duet"

~ Ivan with Dennis "From the Sickness"

~ Guy Bechter and Todd Davey

~ We love our fans (and they love each other !!)

~ Always fun at Chuck's

~ Guy Bechter, watching girl

~ Todd with out his guitar....

~ Can't you play guitar in a normal position? And put that tounge back in your mouth !! ~ GUY BECHTER

~ John Fisher (actually looking at the camera)

~ Guy Bechter (BASS IN YOU FACE !!)

~ Guy Bechter "To all my friends !!"

~ Todd "Rockin"

~ Our Drummer ("CRAZY" Ivan Konac)

~ Guy Bechter and Ivan Konic("Partying like Rock Stars")